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Andrzej S. Jadwiszczak, Piotr Węgrzynowicz, 2003. World Catalogue of Coccinellidae. Part I - Epilachninae.

Wydawnictwo Mantis, Olsztyn, 264 pages, hard binding, format: 17 x 24 cm, ISBN 83-918125-3-7.

From introduction:
The last comprehensive world-catalogue of the Coccinellidae was published by Korschefsky - as the respective part of the Coleopterorum Catalogus - 72 years ago. Intensive systematic and faunistic studies on this popular group of beetles, pursued by three generations of entomologists, have extended our knowledge so much, that a new, updated catalogue summarizing the data accumulated since the time of Linnaeus became urgently needed. The present publication - including the subfamily Epilachninae: altogether 1051 species in 22 genera - is the first of planned four parts.

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